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utai sarishi hana interview (2)

ini lanjutannya, maaf saya masih belum ada waktu untuk translete artikel ini...

Well, was the song which is used as the title of this album, “Utai Sarishi Hana”, a good song to finish the album?
TASSHI: It’s a good way to end the album
Futoshi: The prototype of that song was a very prototype-like thing, because it was originally from a very far off time
What time is it from?
Futoshi: A long time ago… Before we debuted, we made the plans for this song.

What was the reason you made songs from that period in the end of your album work?

Futoshi: If you want to know that, ask OKP…
OKP-STAR: Well, “Utai Sarishi Hana” is from when I first met with Futoshi… About 2001.
Futoshi: From when we made a demo tape together, right?
OKP-STAR: Yes, yes.
Futoshi: From when we were still uses cassettes to record our demos…. (Laughs) It’s from the time where we would listen to the demos we made and say things like “This is great!”, and luckily, none of us chose to leave. (Laughs)
OKP-STAR: Yes, yes. (Laughs) We thought that nobody would ever join our band (laughs), but I’ve always liked this song. Although the arrangement was different from now, the feeling of the song has stayed the same. The chord progression has mostly not changed. I’ve always liked it since that time… And since nobody ever left our band, we figured that someday people would join.
Futoshi: People did decide to join, but only in their own way (laughs).
OKP-STAR: Is that so? (Laughs). But, in the song that included that, I think everyone wanted to include that in this “Utai Sarishi Hana”.
mayuko: Right.
OKP-STAR: We were all confident it would turn out great. So, once everyone had thought about their own parts, we finally reached this arrangement. Because everyone did their own parts, and I did too, when such details which were worked out, we finally reached this polished arrangement.
mayuko: Well, listening to the arrangement that OKP made with this timing, eventually everyone agreed that we should make it like this. It became an arrangement where we could all do things in our own way.
OKP-STAR: I tried to arrange the song while imagining it as the last song of the album. Because, like “Shiroi Mori” which finished “Kaze wo Atsumete”, or “Boku no Basho ~Evergreen~” which finished “Dareka no Chijou E”, an image of something like the end of such an album was in everyone for one reason or another. We thought that for sure that this “Utai Sarishi Hana” would be used at the end of the album, so I tried to arrange it while imagining that. that’s how we made the song.
Very nice.
OKP-STAR: You can notice it sometimes (laughs).
Well, when you finished this song, regarding to this album, was it not a very important moment?
Futoshi: It was. When we finally finished this song, we finished the album as a result. It even became the title… We thought it was very good.
How did you decide on the album title?
Futoshi: We had a lot of ideas for the album title, but we figured this one would be the best. I think I sang what I should have for it, and we played the sound which we should have played on it. So, we chose the name of this song to be the name of the album without hesitation.
What do you mean by, “I sang what I should have sang on it”?
Futoshi: Still, what I consider to be important now, will someday not be important. But, that thing which won’t be important will probably be living without paying to much attention to the year. I think I’ve had a lot of chances to be taught such a thing. I think it’s a thing which will be taught to the people that aren’t here now. Despite that, even the value of what’s here we surely don’t know. But so, I think that place is the place where human’s foolishness’s are. But, because I only don’t know, and deciding our resolutions in our own foolish ways, now, it’s what I can sing. So, it’s a place where I can sing my own resolution. Still, as a person who is not there yet, it’s what I can do, because I am still here.
If I remember correctly, up until now Aqua Timez has been been making lyrics that feel like one compilation-like feeling that you sang, right?
Futoshi: Yes. At any rate, in this song we worked out the details. I think we wrote it with feelings that were better than usual. To be in the title of the album, such an important song had to be really good.
And, after that, you started and finished the album with songs called “BIRTH” and “Re:BIRTH”, right?
Futoshi: Yes, so eventually it didn’t really end up being the last song (laughs).
OKP-STAR: I too was thinking that, and I said it (laughs). It never did end up being the end.
Futoshi: And after that the album version of “Niji” was included. So, it ended up being the third song from the end (laughs).
(Laughs) . What kind of feelings did you put into “BIRTH” and “Re:BIRTH”?

Futoshi: We decided that we’d made this album by writing each song individually some time ago. But still, on the inside, our personalities wanted to make it flow… So, after working out the order of the songs that would be played, we sandwiched them together with “BIRTH” and “Re:BIRTH” at the beginning and end. A variety of meat and vegetables and whatever were the things which worked out the details. So, knowing the contents wouldn’t get squished together with such things, we wrote the for the album . Thus, I think that only there can you find the concept for this album.

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