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Interview about Utai sarishi hana

Saya akhirnya mendapat info menarik tentang album terbaru mereka, interview ini dilakukan oleh coolcwer, ini dia hasil interviewnya :

Finally, you have finished your third full album, “Utai Sarishi Hana”. You wanted to try and work really hard on this album, right?
TASSHI: Yeah, we did. (Laughs)
Futoshi: We were still recording even in the beginning of this year.
mayuko: We began to think about it in about June of last year, and we began to record in July or so, didn’t we?
Well, after you released “Niji” last may, you started to record, right?
mayuko: We were doing the evergreen tour 2008… After it ended, we began to devote all our work to the album.
After that, you preformed in a busy summer, doing festivals and events, with a single being released at the same time. While while doing everything like that (releasing your single, doing lives, working on the album, all of this), you said you were going to make an album. Did it actually go as you planned?
Futoshi: Well… it’s like the result… (Laughs) But, I don’t know if doing everything like that is something that a wholesome band would do, because our music will probably also be like that from here on.
Well, if you think about it, before “Dareka no Chijoue” was released, you thought that way. But, I don’t know if things like postphing your tour that time had a variety of reasons for doing so….
Futoshi: Yeah, there wasn’t just one thing which led to that. Because, there is no time where we’re just working, things like lives go in the space between working

But people are asking when you made the songs (Laughs).

Futoshi: Yeah, in the middle of the night (Laughs). There isn’t really a time where we made them, but I think that there could have been because we wrung them out like that. (?) Anyway, if we make one song, we’ll start working on the next instead of listening to that song. I think that’s how we felt when we make the album.
When you try to make an album, you say things like “I want to make the next feel like this”, did you have such an image for this album?
Futoshi: We had no image for it. Without an image for the album, we were free to make only good songs. I guess we thought if we did things like that, it would make it a good album.I thought that making an album without a definite image would be better than restricting us from doing some things if we made a concept for the album. By doing it like that, I thought that our freedom to make music would definitely increase. Although, I don’t know if such freedom is a good thing, but there’s no mistake that we felt good about it.

When you made songs like that, what did it feel like you faced a song with another?

OKP-STAR: Regarding the bass, I think it’s better to play on a grand scale. I guess we don’t do things cleverly to that extent, but to some extent we play while making someone hold the blank space (?). For example, in things like lives, “Should we play in a different way?” Sometimes we like doing that. It’s a thing which is kind of incomplete, doing things like that reduced the sound we made, but is it good if the sound of 5 people sticks out? I wonder if there were many arrangements like that this time.
mayuko: When everyone contributes to the sound, until before, we might have chose what kind of arrangement to make, but we might reconsider it once more at home, and we reconsidered if that was really the best way to go many times. But, this time we did it with the rules of that time, and there were many uses of it and we thought on the inside that it was great. So, it’s not the feel of our house’s air, but the air of our studio’s rules we think appeared.
Daisuke: This time, the thing we changed about us the most was… Well, for example, when Futoshi writes songs and finishes a simple demo, when we listen to it, and think about why he wrote each part, perhaps everyone is thinking of how they can add on to it. But, on that occasion, even more than working on the song in our heads, when the song is decided on to a certain extent, wondering if we should meet, like if in a session together, we tried to treat our inspiration importantly. Therefore, like mayuko said, what I did with in a rush was great. If we play a different phrase than in the recording, then we still wonder if it was better in the original recording… But returning to the first way we played it is always good. Did we bring the music we made by ourselves together to put into one song? We treated things like songs that were born through that method very imporantly when we made this album. Iwonder if we did that alot when making this album.
Because you were never really the type of band that created songs through jam sessions, am I right?
Daisuke: Yeah, you are. I think there are two different types of bands. Neither way is particulary bad or good, but if people can make songs in sessions, they will write songs while practicing steadily. So, I guess I’m coming to think that either way is flexible. Only, while doing that, after you’re done the sound you made is deciding on and you can’t change it. Up until now, our way has taken over twice the amount of time (laughs). Once, after we decided on the sound, I wonder if working out the small details of the song has been more severe than before.
TASSHI: I’ve really noticed that we’ve been drawing out our power until the end in musical performances. Is it because our feelings are in the song? Spirit? They are performances where we put such things into them, but like before with our feelings getting excited, is our health getting a bit more solid? Therefore, would that make the sound that comes and goes as a consequence a bit more solid? I feel like the sound was getting a bit worse because we were drawing it out too much. So that this time could feel like something new, while doing lives at summer events and festivals and recording, we got ourselves to watch great dramas and a variety of artists. So, it’s natural, but when drawing out everyones power, we made some beautiful sound.
Futoshi: Well… I tried my best… (laughs)
(Laughs). Was there anything you did different until now?

Futoshi: When we record songs and such, there were 4 of us who could really listen to what was being played, so we could have peace of mind while recording. But, about that… I don’t think we really did our best on the lyrics.

For the time being, was it the thing that became distinct shape like “Niji”?

Mayuko: That’s what he 7th song “Honto wa Ne”, which we made before. The first one after that is… “Niji.” And the next is “Natsu no Kakera.”?
Daisuke: Yes, it is.
Mayuko: So, from there….
TASSHI: “Kirakira”, “Tsuki, Noboru”, I think? When we made those those… I felt like we had began to work from them.
Mayuko: Is that so…
TASSHI: You might say, beautifully hating intelligence(?), that they are all disconnected melodies in our songs, but… (laughs)… After that, the order of things for even me might not be in order, but…. Things like Velonica are already coming, right?
Doing things like that, a variety of songs will be formed… When the figure called an album finally could be seen, where were you?
TASSHI: When an album could be seen, we went with whatever kind of last way we saw in it. So, when “Utai Sarishi Hana” could be seen, after that, Futoshi made the intro and outro songs “BIRTH” and “Re:BIRTH.” So, when he made them, and finally got approval, this album could finally be seen and felt.

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