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Utai sarishi hana interview (3)

Futoshi: Well, I guess you could say “Utai Sarishi Hana” is even more of a conclusion-like thing. But, the real conclusion (”Re:BIRTH”) is repeating a question asked by “BIRTH”. After all, yesterday and today are the same as the pain which might come tomorrow, because I think that a thing called loving will just be more pain. And there is also a fear where we worry if if a thing called “important things exist” will result in the same pain. But, it’s impossible to not treat things importantly, and for that reason we have no choice but to love and treat things importantly, noticing those things. Because what we lose are very important things… You might say we should realize that before we lose them, but if we lose them and regret it, when we remember them, we’ll get used to it happening commonly. On the inside, we have no choice but to learn that. We wrote the song with those kind of feelings.
So in that meaning, there’s a thing called “continiously repeating”?
Futoshi: Yeah. Even in that repitition, people are still humans, so they are always changing… But a variety of things change. Learning so that you don’t repeat your old mistakes is a thing which everyone will surely always remember.
Still, I think there is a sensation in all the foundations of what Futoshi wrote in the lyrics. Important things will someday be lost, so for that reason we have to treat today importantly.
Futoshi: Yes, so I guess that’s what I decided as the theme. That approach was always changing. So, what can be said now was said in this album.
I see. But even so, this album has a lot of different kinds of songs lined up, and yet there are a lot of very “strong” songs.
Futoshi: Well, we don’t really know what’s strong…
mayuko: But we made sure each one was treated very importantly…
Futoshi: Still, it’s because we can’t see it from the outside. I think that everyone doesn’t really know this album that well yet (laughs).
TASSHI: Yeah, it hasn’t been long enough to know what kind of album this was.
Well, in everyones individual opinion, if you talk about what song is left over, what song is it?
mayuko: It is “Re:BIRTH” for me. It really is a good finishing song, but I think this song can do something really amazing… I like it. The feeling of the strings is beautiful, and I think we couldn’t feel the sound of the timpani until now. Also, even I can sing the melody and lyrics of the chorus (laughs).
TASSHI: For me, it’s Velonica. In one song, we make a lot of different feelings come out, when as before, although we could still express this song, it would take 2 or 3 songs to do it. I think we can summarize the variety of parts of such different feelings in one song now. The song made me think that we can do so many more types of songs now.
TASSHI: For me, it’s One. After we finished this album, I would always listen to this song. It really leaves an impression.
Futoshi: Because I like that song (laughs).
(Laughs). Isn’t this a “positive” song? The positive lyrics of are unusually frequent.
Futoshi: Ah… I’ve been able to make songs with warmth in them. I don’t know what that’s called, but while listening to it once it’s completed, my heart became clear. Not everything is done so fantastically, but I like the song.


Daisuke: Well, for me, it’s Kono Hoshi Ni. The signficance that exists there is very deep, in this album, and in myself (laughs). But massigura is the same too.
This song is very fast, don’t you think?
Daisuke: Yes it is (laughs). In the life of my guitar, it’s never played so fast. Up until here, I felt like “I finished playing!” (?) (laughs). In the chorus, it’s really fast, but there’s a lot of music to play, so I feel really good listening to it. There’s something which you can really feel in it. I think that because it becomes a different world when I’m playing such a song live, it is also really fun.
OKP-STAR: For me, it’s STAY GOLD. Like I said a while ago, even there were a lot of strong songs on this album, this is the one where you can really feel its strength. It is something which really pierces you, the sound, the lyrics, and the song. With a simple arrangement and no interludes, the main theme of the intro guitar is repeated through the whole thing. However, you can feel the strength in that simplicity.
Yes. In this song, there is a part where you say “tori ga sora wo wataru you ni” and “kaze ga hana wo yurasu you ni”. That feels like it’s releated towhat appears at the end of “Utai Sarishi Hana”, the “nukeochita hana yo” and “utai satta hana yo” phrase. What does that mean to you personally?
mayuko: Honestly, I have no idea (laughs)
TASSHI: I don’t know the link
Futoshi: Me neither (laughs).
TASSHI: Wait, there isn’t a link? (laughs)
OKP-STAR: I like that part….
mayuko: I was correct? (laughs)
(Laughs) Even if that’s so, this song might really be the middle of the album.
OKP-STAR: Yes. I wanted to make this song a lot.
Well, having pieces of work that have been compilated by that many “strong” s0ngs, there was a message that was said word by word at the end.
mayuko: Yes. From the beginning, when we were self produced, we could do this then too, but I’ve learned there are still a bunch of things we can’t do. Of course, we tried as hard as we could, but it will be fun from here on still. Doing things like that, I think it would be great if we could get the people listening to think the music will be fun from here on.
Daisuke: Listening to this album, certainly I hope that people will come to lives. Also, when we preform live, we ourselves are having fun and hope that the same can happen with the people who come to watch us preform. So, we’re getting people to listen, and getting people to come to our lives, and I hope that we can enjoy they songs in the same room.
TASSHI: Up until now, to the people who listen to Aqua Timez, there has always been a variet of different feelings in songs. But I feel like we’ve made an album with a variety of stories. Still, even to the people who have only heard one song on the album or something, there are songs which echo in their hearts. If we can get these people to put that into feelings, then I hope they will listen to the rest of the songs (laughs).
OKP-STAR: Yeah, I want the people who haven’t listened yet to listen for just once. And I want them to come to lives.
Futoshi: I really think we are 5 adults. The meaning of that is that we continued to make this album as 5 people, and I think we even made it a declaration of our intentions. In the process of making it, we tried our bests, and when we went over it together, we all thought it was a valuable experience. Thus, we went over a lot of things. Now, in the significance of making such an album, I think it became an album which faces towards the future. Therefore, I think it has became an album which can get fans to listen to and have responsibility without hesitation. That is the same for people who haven’t listened yet. I think we’ve really came to want people to listen to the album. Thus, I think we can get people to listen and a lot of peopel to buy this album

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